About S.D. Richman Sons

S.D. Richman Sons is one of the oldest and most well regarded scrap metal buyers in Philadelphia. As a family owned and operated company, our business is one that is founded on integrity and honesty. We always pay fair prices for metal scrap that is received from our sellers. In addition, whether you need to sell or transport your scrap metal, we can assist you with quick and efficient service usually within 24 hours. Our containers are available in a selection of different sizes and we offer a variety of transportation options including open top trailers, van trailers, and flatbed trailers.

Established in 1901

We have a rich and varied history as scrap metal buyers in the Philadelphia area. As one of the pioneers of the scrap metal industry, we have the experience, knowledge, and longevity to handle any scrap metal need. Whether you need to sell scrap stainless steel, scrap brass, scrap copper, scrap iron, or scrap aluminum, we will make the process simple, easy, and efficient.


S.D. Richman Sons, Inc. was established in 1901, in the Germantown section of Philadelphia; using horse and wagons to transport scrap iron and metal. By 1936, the second generation of the Richman family was operating a fleet of trucks and a fully mechanized scrap processing plant.


Between the 1950s and the end of the century, S.D. Richman Sons, continued to lead the way in the scrap metal industry. In 1966, the company relocated and constructed one of the largest scrap processing facilities in Eastern Pennsylvania, on 20 acres in Northeast Philadelphia. Located, just off Exit 26 of I-95, the plant provides easy access to all of the region’s major highways. The plant is also serviced by Conrail.


Today the fourth and fifth generations of the Richman family operate the company which remains a leader within the industry. Richman’s expertise in hauling and processing metallic scrap will benefit your company by enhancing your return for the scrap you generate. S.D. Richman Sons has created an Environmental Policy which benefits not only the environment, but our customers as well.


The Richmans remain dedicated to providing their customers with the finest service, value, and quality in the scrap industry. With continued investments into making our facilities state of the art, S.D. Richman Sons is committed to delivering next generation technologies that benefit our customers.

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