Philadelphia, PA Iron and Metals Recycling

Our expertise in recycling will benefit you or your company by enhancing your return for the scrap you generate. Our staff at S.D. Richman Sons will get you unloaded and out of our facility faster than our competition, making it easy for your busy schedule. We’ll offer you TOP PRICES for your scrap metal with the fastest service in the business.

Examples of Metals We Accept





Stainless Steel

Insulated Wire


Nickel Alloy

Other Metals

Restricted Materials List

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⊗ Non-metallic materials; including wood, cement, asphalt, dirt, tires, oils, and fluids
⊗ Materials containing CFC’s (all refrigerators and AC Units MUST be reclaimed to be accepted)
⊗ Materials containing asbestos
⊗ Radiation containing and radiation emitting materials
⊗ Batteries that are cracked, leaking, or no longer intact
⊗ Pressurized cylinders
⊗ Hazardous materials of any kind

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